Montessori preschool and childcare in North Portland

“The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. It lays the whole basis for his character and social behavior.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori

Our programs are all consecutive days per week because young children thrive on regular routine. We offer 4 and 5 day options. This also allows us to build a stable community of children who happily help and support each other.

For the youngest children, we recommend the half-day program, to allow them time to rest at home in the afternoon and process the work of the morning in their most familiar environment.

8:00 to 11:30 am (includes snack).

For children ready for a longer day of work, or a few select children whose families need longer hours, we offer a school day program that includes lunch.

8:00 to 3:00 (snack and lunch included in tuition cost).

And, for an extra monthly charge, we offer 7:30 am early arrival, and/or aftercare until 3:30.

“Our schools show that children of different ages help one another. The younger ones see what the older ones are doing… and the instruction is really valuable… the little one learns easily what we should find it hard to impart.”
– Maria Montessori

Our daily routine is to have, as Montessori recommended, a long, uninterrupted work period, in which children are free to choose activities as their interest directs. We support the ability of children to sustain this work period with time for individual lessons, practice with previously shown work, small group activities and some whole-group activities. Every child receives personal attention from the teacher on a daily basis.

After 11:30 dismissal time, outdoor play and lunch will occur, followed by a second work period until 3:00.

We take occasional outings to the local park or walks in the neighborhood to observe local happenings and seasonal changes.